[ BSM-BIGGESTONE ] BS-1050RG / 1250RG / 1450RG Series 2016, Poly Draw Handle Type Garbage Plastic Bags Making Machine, Piece by piece

BS-1050RG / BS-1250RG / BS-1450RG

High Speed Servo Control Fully Automatic Poly Draw Handle Type Garbage Plastic Bags Making Machine, Piece by piece

Fully Automatic Side Seal Draw String Bag Making Machine (Piece by piece)

Poly Draw Handle Type Garbage Plastic Bags Making Machine


1. Draw-tape slitter is specially designed for use with the draw-tape bag making machine and reduces the reel change cycle, doubles the usage time and increases production.

2. The EPC device combined with the unwinder is sensitive and stable for easy operation.

3. Fully automatic unwinder, unwind speed auto-adjust. (Optional)

4. Triangle folding device, easily and smoothly folds the single layer filminto double. (Optional)

5. Choice of overlapping EPC and triangle folding device to save on occupied installation space.

6. Mixed use of multi-functions, can produce many different styles of bags.

7. Standard equipments are the double lip folding device, bottom gusset device and side opening device. (Side opening)

8. Special rotary seal knife design makes the cleaning of seal knife safe, convenient, quick and easy.

9. Special pneumatic gate and press roller device, cooperating with the main machine, can carry and out-feed the blocked finished product. (Optional)

10. Optional equipment: self-adhesive device, pearl insertion device, punching unit, double sealing device and block out-feed device.

Optional Equipment:
1.Air Compressor:3HP         2.Double Sealing device                 3.Punching Device
4.Top-fold Seal Device         5.Self-adhesive Tape Feeding         6.Perforation Device
7.Air Shaft                            8.EPC with Auto Unwinder            9.Triangle Folding Device



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